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5 Best Air Coolers in India 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Air Coolers in India, summers are close to hitting and I am pretty sure you would like to chill down your atmosphere with a cool breeze. For this, we’ve selected the top 5 Best Cooler Under 6000 Rupees that you simply can purchase online. consistent with the worth, these coolers are valued for money and are far more efficient to chill down space. These coolers are suitable for hard climates and geographical locations. Equipped with features like high air delivery and an enormous cistern. So you can check the newest Price of these top 5 best air coolers from the list given below.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Best Personal Air Cooler

top 5 Best Cooler
Best Air Coolers in India

Bajaj Electricals offer good quality air coolers with an honest price range. These coolers are specially designed for Indian weather. Bajaj air coolers accompany the newest technology for efficient cooling. This cooler has built-in castor wheels, providing simple movement. 3 Side Honeycomb cooling pad for calming down the temperature. this is often the simplest top 5 cooler under 6,000 price online. More specs and features are listed below.


  • Rating is 3.5 out of 5 given by 3,250 customers (Popular)
  • It has a cistern capacity of 36 Litres.
  • Ideal for room size of up to 150 square feet.
  • 3 Side Honeycomb cooling pad for enhanced performance.
  • The length of the cord is 1.5 meters.
  • It has 3-way speed control with quite a Performance.
  • It consumes 100 Watts of power.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Best Air Cooler

Symphony Diet is the Best Cooler under the 5,000 Price range because it’s compact in size and airflow, which is basically amazing. It comes in several tank capacities up to 50L consistent with its price. This model features a tank capacity of 12L. It takes little or no power meaning you’ll run this cooler on the inverter also. it’s honeycomb cooling pads which are considered to be best as compared to regular cooling pads. this is often the simplest cooler under the 6,000 price that you simply can purchase online. More specs and unique features about this cooler are listed below and you’ll check the newest price from the amazon website.

top 5 Best Cooler
Symphony Diet 12T Tower Air Cooler


Rating is 3.4 out of 5 given by 3,091 customers (Popular)
It has a cistern of 12 liters.
Highly effective honeycomb cooling pads, powerful blower, and funky flow dispenser.
It comes with i-pure technology with multistage air purification.
It has a dura-pump of Diet 12T technology the longevity of the pump.
Easy to use dial knob controls for fan speed, cooling, and swing settings
It comes with 1 year on manufacturing warranty defects.

Croma 22 liter ARCTIC Personal Best Cooler

This Croma cooler is compact in size and provides good airflow up to twenty-eight feet. it’s a 4-way air circulation with easy portable wheels. Most of you do not know that Croma may be a part of the tata group. It comes with a 2-year warranty and more specs are listed below. you’ll also check the newest price from the amazon website.

top 5 Best Cooler
Croma 22 liter ARCTIC Personal Cooler


It has a 22L cistern capacity.
ideal for room size of up to 150 Sq. Ft.
Powerful air presents to twenty-eight ft. distance.
3 speed level with 4-way air deflection.
This is made an Indian product.
Efficient and sturdy honeycomb cooling pads with ice-box.
This cooler is Inverter-compatible.
It comes with a 24 Months Warranty from the date of purchase.
The weight of this Croma cooler is 10 kg 400 g.

Ibell COOL25  25-Litre Best Air Cooler

Ibell Air coolers are valued for money and consume less power as compared to other coolers during this price range. It comes with 25 Liter of cistern capacity. it’s a strong Air Throw with Auto Swing and a honeycomb pad that gives good cooling. It also has an Ice Chamber on the highest for quick cooling. More specs and details are listed below.

top 5 Best Cooler
Ibell COOL25  25-Litre Air Cooler


Rating is 3.8 out of 5 given by 92 customers (Less Popular)
It has a 25 liters cistern Capacity.
The weight of this cooler is 9.7 Kilograms and it comes with wheels in order that you’ll move it anywhere.
1 Year Standard Warranty & 6 Months Additional Warranty.
This cooler works on the Inverter.
The weight of this cooler is 9.7 Kilograms and it’s 4 wheels.

Havells Tuono Personal Best Air Cooler

Havells may be a well-known brand when it involves home appliances in India. Havells has launched a replacement series of cooler names Tuono. It has a water capacity of 18 liters and it comes with a dust filter and honeycomb cooling pad that provides quick cooling during all weather. It has an elegant and compact design and it comes with wheels in order to move it wherever you would like to. This is one of the best coolers as it has an ice compartment on the highest for effective and quick cooling. More features and specifications about this color are listed below and you can also check the newest price from the Amazon website.

Best Top 5 Cooler Under
Havells Tuono Air Cooler


It has 18 Litres cistern capacity.
It Provides optimum air delivery of 1200 m3/hr in hot summer.
Effectively increase the cooling efficiency with Ice Compartment.
This is made as an Indian product.
The weight of this cooler is 7 kg.
Dust Filter & Honeycomb Cooling Pad which makes it come under the top 5 best coolers.
It has Ice Compartment for quick cooling.

All the top 5 Best coolers listed here are under or around 6000 rupees price point. These selected coolers are from good manufacturers like Symphony, Havells, Tata, Bajaj, and Ibell. you’ll not regret it if you choose anyone from these coolers.

Types of Air Coolers

There are two major types of air cooler present in the request. Still, both workshops are substantially in the same manner but have many features different from each other.

  1. Room Cooler

Still, also it’s an ideal option for you If you’re looking for an air cooler for a small area. Still, it isn’t that important like the desert cooler but works efficiently for small spaces.

It uses a trolley to move from one place to another and is generally placed inside the room. The air is also forced out by the addict present in this cooler.

  1. Desert Cooler

The desert coolers are more important than room coolers. They’re placed outside a window to take the air from the girding terrain.

The addict then acts just like an exhaust, and it needs a lot of water, space as well as power in comparison to others. These are perfect to combat extreme rainfall changes or heat.

Air Cooler Buying Guide

  1. Size of An Air Cooler

One of the essential factors to consider while choosing an air cooler is to look for its size. This is because the bigger the size is the more air it’ll give.

Still, also a large size air cooler is effective If you stay in a bigger room. You can measure the size of the cooler by Boxy Bases per Nanosecond formula or CFM.

All you need to do is to find the room area and also divide it by 2. It’ll give you the most accurate CFM, and you can find the perfect air cooler size.

  1. Power Consumption

When you conclude with an air cooler, you must look into the power consumption factor. The more the power consumption is the lower time it’ll take to cool the room.

Still, it’ll bring you a high quantum of electricity bill.

  1. Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are pivotal and must be of good quality to achieve proper cooling. Your chosen cooling pad should be at least 90 mm thick. This will make sure it works effectively.

Still, the thicker the pad is, the briskly it absorbs water, which will give rapid-fire cooling. Being a stoner, you can fluently double or triple the number of pads according to your conditions.

There are two different types of cooling pads, similar as
a) Cellulose Pads

Still, also the cellulose pads are an ideal choice for you, If you’re looking for good quality pads. They’re precious but are thicker than the aspen pads.

It’s also known as the honeycomb pads, and utmost of the high- end air coolers offer this pad.

b) Aspen Pads

The aspen pads are made up of wood slices as well as synthetic fibre. Still, these are of low quality and has a short life span.

  1. Water Tank Capacity

To give you with cool air, an air cooler uses the system of evaporation. To do this, it requires water to convert it into vapour. Therefore, buying an air cooler with a large tank is judicious.

This will make sure you no need to fill it now and also. Generally, for home use, you can have an air cooler having a storehouse capacity of 20-30 litres. While 40-120 litres of the water tank in an air cooler is suitable for marketable purpose.

  1. Malleable Pets And Air Mode

Utmost of the high-end air coolers come on with air modes as well as several speed variables. With the help of these, you’ll be suitable to acclimate as well as control the speed according to your requirements.

Generally, air coolers come on with 3- speed setting options to set the speed at low, medium or high.

  1. Types Of Suckers

While you conclude for an air cooler, one similar thing that you can not comprise is to see the type of addict it’s coming with. A high-quality addict is a must-have in an air cooler no matter how good is the cooling pad quality.

Remember, in the end; it’s the addict that’s going to give you the cool air. There are two major types of suckers out in the request

a) Axial Addict

The axial addict generally consumes lower energy than the centrifugal bones. But, it produces a lot of noise if compared to the other. These are a lot cheaper, as well.

b) Centrifugal Addict

It makes no noise and has a barrel-suchlike shape. This, still, consumes a lot of energy and therefore can be on the premium side.

  1. Water Level Controller

Utmost of the high- end air coolers, along with the affordable bones, have a water position regulator in them. This makes it easy to regulate the inflow of water automatically into the cooler at a set position.

The stylish part is that it prevents the overflow of water and also will save you time. You no need to open or close the cooler to check the water position presently.

  1. Remote Control

I plant that air coolers with remote control are veritably easy and accessible to use. You do n’t need to get up every time to change the settings or turn on/ off. As with remote control, you can control the cooler from anywhere.

  1. Timekeeper

The air cooler that comes with a timekeeper can be veritably important salutary to save energy. As with this point, you can snappily set the time for the air cooler that will automatically turn it off. And as a result, this will make sure you save further power, and the electricity bill wo n’t pinch your fund.

  1. Castors

Castors are the bus that are present at the bottom of the air cooler. They let the device move freely from one room to the other.

Still, also going for the plastic bones isn’t the right choice, If you want the castors to last long. You must conclude for the bones that come with rubber or essence material. They wo n’t tear off or break fluently and has a longer life.

Tips for Better Working of Air Coolers

  1. You can add ice or stupefied water in the cooler as this will lower the temperature furnishing most chilly air possible by an air cooler. Therefore, during the hot days, you can always put ice or ice water to have a comforting time.
  2. Keep the windows and doors open while the cooler is running. This will increase tailwind. As it takes the air from outdoors and therefore, keeping it near the window will be of great advantage in lowering the temperature further.
  3. You should always clean and maintain the air cooler. Do n’t let a foul smell come from the device as it may beget suffocation. Therefore, you need to clean twice a week.
    Advantages of Air Coolers
  4. Air coolers are generally important affordable, and they also use water for cooling and not any refrigerant. Hence they’reeco-friendly.
  5. The investment for an air cooler is much lower than any air conditioner. The original cost is much low too.
  6. Air coolers consume much lower power compared to the air conditioners. This makes the periodic energy consumption to be much more significant. This makes sure that the cost of running a cooler is lower than any AC.
  7. The air coolers are light in weight, which makes it movable. Hence it’s easy to carry the cooler in any part of the room.
  8. The Air conditioners use the same air inside the room to condition it and direct it to the same room. Still, it’s different for any air cooler. The cooler catches air from outside and directs it inside the room. Hence, it allows fresh air to come into the room.
    Disadvantages of Air Coolers
  9. The air cooler comes along with a addict, which may make noise. It can be disturbing.
  10. No air cooler comes with the point to change the mode according to the climate.
  11. They aren’t suitable for areas with high moisture. It’s because air cooler causes moisture because of water sinking from it.
  12. Coolers need a nonstop water force to make it work effectively. Then the water acts as the refrigerant.
  13. The corridor of the cooler has a advanced threat of erosion. It isn’t suitable for areas with hard water.
  14. The cooler requires further frequent conservation and change of water inside the tank.
    Final Talk

Now that you have gone through the composition, I’m sure you’re well apprehensive of the top 5 stylish air coolers in India. All the products mentioned then have a commodity or the other that will match the conditions you have.

Still, feel free to note down below, If you still have queries left about an air cooler. I’ll be happy to help you out.

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