10 Best Pure & Organic Honey Brands

10 Best Pure & Organic Honey Brands in India is one among the foremost versatile kitchen ingredients that find its use not just in cooking but in skincare, haircare, weight loss treatments, and other health conditions. In India mainly, honey is additionally utilized in religious ceremonies. Pure honey tastes sweet, smooth, and features a warm undertone that leaves one feeling refreshed and healthy. no matter how you consume honey – it is often wholesome, delicious, and crammed with health benefits.

With the various benefits that honey offers, it’s natural to need to consume only honey from the only brands. Since honey comes from entirely natural processes, organic honey is the simplest, and a couple of top brands sell pure honey at affordable prices.

However, this healthy food comes in numerous variants that you simply simply can get confused about. that’s why we bring you the very best 10 best honey brands in India. Pick your preferred one and watch your health and well-being to attend another level.

10 Best Pure & Organic Honey Brands

The Indian market features a lot of brands that sell honey. However to urge maximum benefits from consuming honey you need to choose raw honey that provides tons of nutrition without added sweetness and preservatives. Although bottled-brand honey may look more appealing and attractive, it’s natural honey that basically should be consumed. it’s cloudy, crystallizes over time, and isn’t very sweet.

Always check the label for added sugar- and if it does state so, leave the bottle there then. Below, we give the list of the top best brands of honey in India, however, do read the labels and choose on your own which one you’d wish to consume.

With glass bottle packing one does not want to fear approximately dangerous materials from plastic leaching into the honey.

1. Hitkari Honey

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Hitkari honey is one of the foremost trusted brands of honey in India. Back in 2010, it had been established that Hitkari honey manufacturers don’t use antibiotics in honey, and their product is genuine. The brand claims that it operates only in season, unlike the massive manufacturers who push antibiotics in bee colonies to prevent infections the brand is additionally into manufacturing health drinks and sharbat.

2. Little Bee Organic Honey

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Premium and prominent Little Bee Impex manufacture various kinds of honey-like natural honey blend honey premium honey and organic honey the tactic of extraction of honey is by hand under the strictest hygiene standards. The brand has also won the APEDA award once for its purity and quality. Being a premium brand, it comes across as expensive, but once you taste it, you’ll become a loyal customer.

3. Dabur Honey

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India’s largest ayurvedic medicine natural consumer products manufacturer Dabur has been around for centuries and holds strong footprints within the minds of people. Dabur honey is the brand’s promise to uphold purity and fitness and brings to you 100% natural honey the Sundarbans forests are the assets of honey for Dabur and relaxation confident it is unfastened from chemical substances and preservatives.

The glass bottle packaging is every other gain it guarantees no dangerous topics are transferred unline plastic or steel packing containers the honey is offered at the drugstore keep too.

4. Beez Honey

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Though a replacement brand, Beez Honey has been making natural, high-quality honey for ten years now. The state-of-the-art processing plant ensures least or zeroes interference by hand. they create premium honey that’s exported to other countries within the world and deals with many sorts of honey for specific purposes.

5. Patanjali Honey

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Patanjali Honey has carved a distinct segment for itself in recent years. The brand claims, its honey is unprocessed and natural, though there has been some concern over the deposition of honey at rock bottom in Patanjali bottles. The brand has clarified that pure honey tends to vary its composition as per the seasons. Patanjali has taken Ayurveda to a different level, numerous people are sure about the brand’s commitment to purity.

6. Apis Himalaya Honey

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Apis Himalaya Honey is processed with modern technology and without using chemicals. the standard is sweet & Tasty, and therefore the prices are affordable. the corporate has an in-house laboratory and a world-class processing plant that prepares honey, retaining its nutritive aspects.

It tastes sweet, is definitely spread on bread and Chapati(rotis), and is instantly liked by everyone. It also can replace your sugar in your cup of tea or coffee. you’ll use it for cooking and baking, as well.

7. Dyu Honey

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Dyu in Sanskrit means ‘glow’ that’s what the emblem stands for each drop of honey from Dyu glows with the herbal ingredient. The brand sells natural artisanal and clearly extracted honey with little human-made approaches to percent it from the hive to the bottle it additionally has healing homes and all of us can revel in the Dyu honey. it’s naturally sweet, doesn’t contain added sugars. Makes for a superb accompaniment to your food and otherwise.

8. Zandu Pure Honey

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There is no denying the very fact that Zandu pure honey has been around for several years now the distinct taste aroma thickness of unprocessed natural honey are often well experienced with a bottle of Zandu pure honey. It doesn’t have any kind of fat a Germany laboratory has confirmed that Zandu is pure honey and doesn’t contain added sugars.

9. 24 Mantra Honey

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Certified organic, without preservatives and chemicals, 24 Mantra Honey is of course processed from various flowers within the Himalayan ranges. 24 mantra honey gets packed after filtering with little interference and 0 contamination thus retaining its natural and healthful properties it is a superb delectable taste and is freed from any preservatives or harmful chemicals. Also Use employed 24 Mantra honey for purposes like beauty, cooking, Ayurvedic, and therapeutic purposes.

10. Baidyanath Madhu Honey

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Talking about honey, it’s unlikely that the Ayurveda brand Baidyanath Honey doesn’t get a mention. Renowned for its purity and authenticity, Baidyanath Madhu comes from the forests of Sundarbans and a few Himalayan ranges. there’s no doubt of chemicals and additives, and rest assured you get the advantages of natural honey with this one.

Benefits Of Consuming Organic Honey

Consuming honey a day is related to many health benefits. Topical applications of honey improve your beauty and appearance. Here are some benefits of eating honey regularly:

Strengthen Immunity

Honey has many anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that enhance your system. Regular intake of honey before morning breakfast or maybe during the exercise can assist you to get the additional strength. you’ll mix it in health drinks, or in tea/coffee.

Improves Skin Texture

Oral intake of honey offers your pores and skin a healthful glow. you may use honey in self-made face packs to deal with pores and skin troubles like pimples and dryness.

Makes Hair Smooth And Dandruff Free

For hair, a pack of honey and yogurt would work wonders to offer you manageable, silky hair. For dandruff-free hair, stir 4 tbsp of honey with 3 tbsp of juice and apply this on the hair. Keep it for two hours then shampoo.

Helps in Allergies and Infections

Honey is that an herbal medicinal drug for allergic reactions and infections like sinus allergic reactions throat infections cold and cough it aids soothe your throat and decreases sinus infection.

Helps Get Good Sleep

Drink a glass of warm milk with two tablespoons of honey in it. It’ll assist you to get farewell to sleep. Honey raises the melatonin in your body.

Cures Obesity

Honey boosts the gastrointestinal system it complements the metabolism and helps in flushing out the pollutants from the body put honey in heated water and lemon have it each morning for quality results.

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